Ruminations on colour, form and light, Vicky Lord’s paintings offer new perspectives on our natural surrounds. With carefully considered colour pairings and expressive mark making, we are presented with a series of abstract botanical creations and imagined landscapes. Feminine beauty and organic forms composed with a humming vibration and a playful exploration of scale and balance that capture seasonal shifts and time lapses.

Residing in Taranaki, Auckland born and Wellington trained artist Vicky Lord is a curious creative using painting and design on a daily basis to communicate and connect with others.

Her work is inspired not only by her natural environment, but also her children, music and the work of other creative innovators, together with a vital imagination, a strong internal voice and as a means to reflect on current events and climate change. Currently her work focuses on the devastation of the World’s coral reefs. 

Lord began painting in her signature abstract style a few years ago with a fascination for the juxtaposition of control and freedom, and has continued to hone her instinct for the balance of positive and negative space, and for colour and form within any given composition.

Vicky has held solo and joint exhibitions in New Zealand and has work held in private collections in New Zealand and Australia.


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'Contained' 1-4 and 'Subsume' 1 - 4, installation view.

$95 ea.