Mixed Media

Christchurch, New Zealand based artist Kara Burrowes work identifies the complexity of the urban landscape and makes sense of it through her unique interpretation of selected elements. Through salvaging items that could be considered waste and mundane, Kara re-purposes objects into alluring and precious pieces. Pattern and repetition feature through collections and groupings to create vestiges of time.  

With degrees in Fine Arts and Landscape Architecture, she is drawn to the three dimensional built environment and the secrets it houses.

Working with the detritus, ephemera and experience of urban space, she is attracted to the intricacies of the Christchurch cityscape. Kara recontextualises urban elements through craft, photography, painting and sculpture, transforming the ordinary into the fascinating and beautiful. Through exploration and documentation, she reconsiders the overlooked urban environment. Attracted to the flux, decay and abandonment found within the cityscape, Kara attempts to capture or recreate the irrelevant or mundane, celebrating nostalgia.


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