Jennie's  paintings occupy a space where reality, imagination and memory all hold equal tenancy. The tension between realism and abstraction, place and non-place, coupled with her interest in introducing memory and imagination into the paintings manifests in the disrupted quality that she emphasises with either the paint texture and application or the format of the painting. 

Her status as immigrant informs her work, exploring loss of the familiar with the excitement of new opportunities, linking them through the vehicle of landscape. The image is recognisably familiar to be comforting but different in a way that keeps the viewer interest and invested in establishing a personal understanding.

Plein air paintings

"By painting on location, my relationship with nature is strengthened and  I gain deeper insights. Field studies painted en plein air are an emotional response to the landscape.

Finalist, New Zealand Painting and Printmaking award, NZ 2017

Finalist, Estuary Art and Ecology Award, Uxbridge Malcolm Smith Gallery, Auckland, NZ 2017

Finalist, Molly Morpeth Canaday Award, New Zealand 2017

Finalist, Art Gold Awards, Central Stories Museum, Alexandra, NZ 2017

Winner Landscape Category, Aspiring Art Prize, Wanaka, NZ 2016



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'Small Gems'

Oil on mylar, mounted on archival photoboard. 6 x 6cm. $75 each.